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The MSPES-SynBio project has a new name and new website at

Here you can still find documents and links related to the Multi-Site Public Engagement with Science - Synthetic Biology project.

DropBox link for Activity guides:

Dropbox link for Training videos:

Additional videos from developer walk throughs:

DropBox link for Building with Biology logos and posters

Trellis group:

Links to presentations from MOS BwB events:

"Building with Biology" live presentation video: Powerpoint slides here:

Background videos different perspectives:
PBS Newshour:'
ETC Group:
Synberc - what is syn bio:
iGEM - Drew Endy defining:
PBS 2009:
Scinamation: Synthetic Biology:
KQUED Quest story:
Grist video:
Canadian 2 minute video:
SciShow -Why are GMOs bad?

For the individual developer pages go here.

For launch meeting presentations go here.

Here is a copy of the the project abstract - short description of what it is all about

Here is the MSPES-SynBio Project Description from the NSF proposal

Here is a copy of the MSPES Logic Model

Here is a description of public engagement with science from the CAISE report on that subject

Here is a background paper on synthetic biology written by Natalie Kuldell for the SENCER community

Here is a document about communicating synthetic biology produced by the Woodrow Wilson Center and SynBerc

Here are two lists of ideas brainstormed and discussed at the MSPES-SynBio Launch Meeting

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.12.25 PM.png The draft MSPES SynBio Content Map can be found on this page.

For a list of 2014 US iGEM teams and links to their web pages to to the iGEM page.

Here is a blank version of the MSPES Application for Activity Developer Stipend, due December 4.

Here is the brainstormed list of questions from our icebreaker at the MSPES meeting on February 13, 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.17.06 AM.png