This page includes the Team-Based Inquiry (TBI) reports created as a part of the MSPES activity development process. These reports include information about the peer / expert review conducted as a part of the AAAS meeting in February 2015 as well as the visitor / public feedback collected in Spring 2015. If you have any questions about any of these reports, please feel free to contact the report writers or one of the TBI mentors: Liz Kollmann (, Katie Todd (, or Sarah Cohn (

Arizona Science Center

"You Have the Power" TBI report

Chabot Space & Science Center

"Clean It with SynBio?" TBI report

Children's Museum of Houston

"Virex: Delivering Tomorrow's Cures Today" TBI report

The Franklin Institute

"Spreading Cells" TBI report

"Kit of Parts" TBI report

Museum of Life and Science

"SynBio 101 Video" TBI report

Museum of Science

"Vitamin A: You Choose" and "What Would You Build?" TBI report

"Where is Syn Bio?" TBI report

"Engineering Super Organisms and Super Heroes" TBI report

New York Hall of Science

"3-D Printing with Synthetic Biology" TBI report

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

"Building Immunity" TBI report

Science Museum of Minnesota

"Would You Eat That?" TBI report

"Syn Bio Posters" TBI report

"Bio Bucks" TBI report


"Mission to Mars" and "Microbe Match" TBI report