Here are Dimensions of PES files you may be interested in having. More MSPES-SynBio files can be found on the MSPES page.

Here is the rationale section of the proposal for the Dimensions of PES Pathways grant. Something in it may be useful to you in a proposal you are doing.

Here is the final Case Summary Catalog which contains information about 201 unique projects from over 100 institutions.

Here is a selection of 8 projects from the Case Summary Catalog that were selected by some of the ASTC PES CoP members as examples of PES in the ISE field.

Here is the preliminary Case Summary Catalog which contains all the case summaries submitted by the workshop participants and/or their institutions. The final catalog with all the submitted case summaries will be available in the coming months.

Here are notes from the ASTC PES CoP Launch Meeting, October 16, in Baltimore, sorted and prioritized in ways related to the nine strategic directions for PES in ISE brainstormed at the earlier workshop in Boston.

Here is the presentation Larry did at the Dimensions of PES workshop. It provides some background on PES and the chart showing where all the projects fell in the 3-D PES space.

Here is the presentation that Liz did about the case summary survey preliminary findings. The powerpoint describes the kinds of information collected through the case summary online survey, what was learned about the range of project types currently being implemented and the methods that they are using, and how these project types fit within the three public engagement with science dimensions (content type, participant engagement, and expert engagement).

Here is a list of the PES Workshop participants.

Here is the Dimensions of Public Engagement with Science Summative Evaluation.

Here is the MSPES-SynBio project description from the NSF proposal