9. Dissemination of PES
Explore mechanisms for dissemination of PES strategies, products, resources, tools, technologies, motivational value propositions, and embedment strategies with traveling programs, showcases, and a core task force to develop and disseminate.

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PES practices are not yet widespread. Most ISE professional know little about PES and are not comfortable with implementing PES models in their own programing. How can we best illustrate what PES is and disseminate knowledge and practices throughout the field?

Establish successful criteria for inclusion of prototypes/resources

There is possibility for human-human interaction for the use of the resource—for transfer of information

There is possibility of using resource to promote PES in the institution—culture change

Flexibility of use of resource

Ideal models include professional development at host institution

Intentional embedment of PES

Dissemination strategies:
  • Intentionally embed PES in the organization to affect systematic change
    - For example, through workshops with staff, board, stakeholders
  • Create travelling programs that create appetite for PES (and remove level of risk)
  • Showcase models that are:
    - Economically viable
    - Relate to institutional missions
    - Reach communities
    - That demonstrate value (defined broadly)
  • Create motivational approach
    - Why bother—How to
  • Include simple programs that can be tried at low risk
  • Range from offerings with low entry barriers that work with existing structures/activities all the way to re-envisioning organization/culture change
  • Create task force (A Team) to identify the following for PES:
    - Promising tools
    - Technologies
    - Products
    - Strategies
    - Resources
    - Value proposition
  • Plot what are identified along the 3 dimensions of PES from case document