8. Financing PES
Develop funding strategies for PES, potential audience financed models as well as identifying corporations, foundations or other organizations with interest in the societal benefits of PES that might provide funding for its implementation.

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We can’t expect NSF funding for the implementation of all public engagement activities. We need more sustainable community-based funding models and other ways to get more mileage for the buck. How can we finance engagement around the issues that the community wants and needs?

  • Selling “subscriptions”/”memberships”
  • Are we “underutilizing” corporate funding? (depends on the community)
  • Incorporate PES elements into other initiatives (fund PES when you fund the exhibition, for example); some corporations have an associated foundation
  • What does an evening event cost?
    - depends—issue relates to audience you serve
    - who can pay and who we want to reach
    - Funding—one-off events vs. ongoing/daily programs

  • Fostering relationships is a challenge with sporadic funding and funder expectation of “novelty”
    - Oversell and event and redirect to audience that needs it?
  • Hands are tied on “creativity” in funding the best program vs. something that will sell
  • Use evaluation to “sell” a program and design new programs

Commitment to audience/program should drive funding pursuits (not vice versa --“Chasing the money “instead of” chasing the goal.)

Some events can generate some revenue (but not enough)

Repurpose content to stretch funding money

Establish “core audiences” through events and create a following
  • Involvement and interest in keeping it going
  • Establish value of PES programs so people are willing to pay
  • Increase “sense of “value” of the programs (marketing dept)
  • Build in “scholarship” element so no one is excluded
  • Core audience
    - Public
    - Scientist

To Do: Push back on NSF (non-ISE) re: Broader impact requirements of non-ISE grants/extend project lengths