7. Building PES perspectives into existing activities
Develop methods for augmenting current and future exhibits and programs with PES components and strategies to cost effectively leverage existing resources and reach larger numbers of people with PES.

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Forums that engage the public in dialogue and deliberation can be very effective but they may only involve a small number of people. How can we add PES perspectives and outcomes to existing exhibits and programs?

  • Relevance to community
  • Cost-effective and more sustainable
  • Leveraging existing audiences, resources
  • The general culture and technology already moving in this direction
  • 21st Century skills – interdisciplinary, systems thinking, teamwork).
  • Inspire reflective thinking among ISE educators about relevancy and engagement
  • Transforming institutions as whole and how we are perceived as resource to community.

Umbrella Definition and Goals
  • Multidirectional
  • Relevance to community current and long-term needs
  • Capture and SHARE participant input
  • ISE should be bigger than just museums.

  • Reframing of existing programs and exhibits
  • Lectures to moderated discussions
  • Provocative questions
  • Docents asking different questions (reframing)
  • Collect and share opinions – use them in meaningful ways
  • Prompts for local considerations

Strategies for Development and Dissemination - developing a community of practice
  • Toolkits and workshops