6. Engaging under-represented audiences in PES
Seek strategies for PES for hard-to-reach, non-traditional audiences, matching topics with audience interest and need, and developing delivery strategies that work for audiences not now engaged.

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Many of the PES models we have experimented with don’t seem to attract or resonate with various under-represented audiences even when we have offered those programs in different communities. How can we learn to develop approaches with will engage diverse public participants?

Define “underserved,” “hard-to-reach” and “non-traditional” audiences
  • Hispanic (other ESL groups)
  • Low performing K-12 students
  • Age groups (teens, senior citizens)

Once we identify target group, identify PES strategy
  • Community meetings, forums
  • Curriculum-correlated K-12 programs
  • Social media, mass media
  • Science cafes, teen cafes

Institutional commitment to dedicate Outreach coordinator

  • Ongoing communication, relationship, consistent and visible source of info
  • Work to define science topics and research goals
  • Match target audience to their familiar communication styles, preferences