5. Engaging scientists in PES
Explore common goals for public and scientist/expert participation in PES, research actual goals of past or current participants, and develop an understanding of benefits to share with all.

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For most of the activities conducted in the U.S. that share PES goals, scientists are mostly involved as expert advisors or presenters and not yet seen PES as a way for them to learn from the public, but those who participate often do say that they learned from the experience and that they valued that learning. How do we communicate those benefits to scientists so they seek out public engagement opportunities and develop the expectation to learn from the experience?

Goals: Public and scientists
  • A common goal: understanding science better
    - Critical thinking (scientists have “blind spots” too)
    - Entertainment/enjoyment/and atmosphere
    - Critical to current/future life for all participants (scientist, public, or otherwise)
    - Conversations (not uni-directional)/and atmosphere
    - Mutual respect with explicit desire to expand world view
    - Reinforce/further inform current perspectives

To Do: Research/evaluation on actual goals they bring (why they’d come) vs. “ISE goals”

ISE needs to learn how to use emotion to our advantage

Scientists listening/reflecting vs “imparting” (generational differences)
  • Encouraging “interdisciplinary listening”
  • May help scientists accept “inter-expert” discussions

“Humanizing science”
  • How do you measure whether you’ve accomplished this? Can it be measured?