3. Infrastructure for readiness to implement PES
Build the informal science education infrastructure necessary to respond to PES questions as they arise, connecting practitioners, building best practices, expanding and generalizing current efforts, connecting to existing networks, and providing resources, tools, and guides.

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Issues will arise from time to time that extend beyond local or regional communities and are national or international in scope. How can we ready the field to engage local communities in these issues of national scope?

  • Build the ISE infrastructure necessary to respond to PES questions as they arise.

  • To connect practitioners
  • To develop and disseminate best practices
  • Expanding and generalizing current efforts so the field can experience and learn from them

  • ASTC or other relvant organzations (Each community organized by its practitioners)
    Potentially beyond ISE, not just museums, not just ISE, cutting across formal and informal education, and community, business, government groups

  • Database of best practices, examples, case studies etc.
  • Connections to existing networks (e.g. NISE Net)
  • Special interest groups (creation of)
  • Resources, tools, guides