2. Keeping PES going – community impact beyond the event
Develop methods to keep public engagement going after a particular engagement event, through such tools as social media, online activities, collaborations and partnerships, community relevance, stakeholder communities, and linkages to civic issues and policies.

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Public engagement events can spark interest and start a dialogue but how can the interest sparked and knowledge gained by individuals be translated into benefit to the broader community.

  • Keep dialogue open through various tools-social networking, media, online activities
  • Provide content necessary for a valuable discussion
  • Collaboration and partnerships with relevant organizations in the community
  • Link the public engagement activity to something that is already on-going in the community
  • Build a group of stakeholders that presume trust - ISEs are conveners and participants
  • Become embedded in community
  • Communicate to the public about why ISE institutions are supporting, doing, holding PES events
  • Empower participants to share, communicate experience in own words, make personal connections
  • Creatie/develop publically accessible project
  • Flexible infrastructure to develop partnerships and collaborations
  • Openness to expansion and growth of project
  • Responsiveness to unexpected opportunities
  • Be explicit about outcomes
  • Express gratitude

  • Individuals
  • Libraries
  • Public agencies
  • Policy makers
  • Civic groups
  • Other ISEs
  • Community groups
  • Academic institutions
  • Industry
  • Media

  • Continuity and visibility
  • People want to know what is going to happen and what will be the impact on society of the ideas generated through public engagement.